Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weight Creep!

I wrote a few weeks back that I would like to lose about 10 lbs to shave off about 10 minutes off my next marathon time... Unfortunately, my plan to lose 10 lbs somehow never actualized. As a matter of fact, I've gone the opposite direction! I've gained 5 lbs since the wedding!! Yes, it is true that I've been eating carelessly and not been running regulary. But the extra 5 lbs is really demoralizing. I guess I've been ignoring the telling signs: my pants have been fitting snug around the waist and thought my running bra was a bit tight the other day. But then, 5 lbs??? Honestly, now that the wedding is over, I haven't really been motivated to be "good" about eating and exercising. And I should know better! I am one of those people who smell food and my fat cells start multiplying. I've been out running this week and it was a big of a struggle. I guess the extra lbs is slowing me down.

Now, here's a recap of my running the past few days:

9/5 - I ran 5 miles around my neighborhood. The hilly route and it was a difficult run again. I walked more than I ran. :-(

9/6 - I ran 14 miles with the Nike Club Run SF on Saturday morning! We got there a bit late and ended up running with the 11 min pace group, which was probably a good idea for me to get warmed up. Around mile 3, I caught up with the 10:30 pace group and kept up a good pace with them. It felt really good (even with the extra 5 lbs) during the run and even though I pushed myself harder than I should have. I am thrilled with the 14 miles. The route was a bit reminiscent of the SF Marathon course, actually. Can't wait to go back next Saturday to do the 19 miles with them. Side note to Audrey: Hey, I looked for you!! :-)

9/8 - I ran 5 miles after work yesterday on a flat route and did about a 9:30 pace. I was quite winded after my run but I felt like I could have ran another mile or so. It felt good. I love flat routes!!

Today, I plan to run the same flat route and try to take it easy. I feel like I'm finally getting back to normal. Now, I just need to lose the unwanted to 5 lbs first and tackle the additional 10 lbs later!


  1. i did the SAME thing after my wedding... i think i gained it all on the honeymoon though :)

    awesome job on all the runs and getting back out there! you will be back to normal soon!

    what route did the nike team run for 14 miles?

  2. I'm sure that I gained weight on my honeymoon too like aron. Don't stress too much about it and keep up the running! The 14 miler sounds great and you are on the right track with food. Same thing happens to me and I smell food and the fat cells multiply. haha. Are you doing the sf nike tiffany's marathon or decided not to? Keep up the running and the weight will come off, don't go nuts over it!

  3. I hate weight gain! I'm confident you'll lose it soon though! Just keep running :)

  4. Once you get back in to the routine of things, you'll drop the weight. Nice job on the 14!

  5. Ah, yes, the Newlywed 15. You're doing well if you've only gained 5 :). Seriously, though, it looks like you're getting right back into running, and your marital bliss is well worth the temporary gain, right? Great 14 miles.

  6. I was there with the 11:00 pace group as well! I joined right as the group left. How funny! FYI - in case you run with them again, I always wear pigtails and a Nike running hat.

    I'll be there tonight (hopefully!) but not this weekend. Definitely next Saturday though.

    Good job with getting back in the game and good luck with getting that Nike bib!

  7. Ugh, it always comes back, just keep running and they will fall off like nothing. :)