Thursday, September 25, 2008

TIART: 26.2 Words

Here's my first contribution to the Take It and Run Thursday (TIaRT) at Runner's Lounge! I think TIaRT is such a great idea!!

Today's theme is to share "How to Conquer the Marathon in 26 words (or less)" Mines more like 26.8 words of insight rather than advice:

Crossing that finish line at 26.2 miles shows the passion and commitment to running, overwhelming tenacity to achieve success. Completing it gives a high like no other!

I asked my husband, too and his immediate response was:

A grueling testament to one's will, discipline, stamina, perseverance and insanity. But once completed, the most satisfying sense of accomplishment experienced by a mere mortal.

He's a bit of a drama queen. Hehe.

This was fun!

Another day of resting my Achilles tendon...


  1. great words from both of you!!! enjoy your rest :) try to at least!

  2. Thats great that you and your husband came up with your own words!

  3. Rest your tendon!!!!!!, do not regret later on not having rested your body!!, I am on the same situation too!!, my back hurts!!, but I do not want to rest it!!
    ho ho ho!!

    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog!!


  4. Oh, I really like both words. Both very true. Glad your not pushing the achilles.

  5. Very nice from both of you ;D ;D

    Enjoy the rest day ;-)

  6. Glad you are resting! and that is neat that thing with runner's lounge. Maybe if it was summer again and I made time for that stuff!! I should get into that. Feel better, achilles!

  7. You both said similar things in unique ways. I agree with your perspective.

    I like your husband's use of the word "insanity." At times I was really questioning my sanity when trying to juggle everything in my life AND find time for long runs!

  8. Great post, I was going to try to participate in the TIART this week, but I lacked creativity today. Well done.

  9. Thanks for checking out my blog...just wanted to let you know that the bear is NOT real! :-) They had a lot of fun in the weeks leading up to Reach the Beach trying to scare me about the bears...

  10. Replying to your comment - My triathlon is in 2 weeks - Oct 11th. It's Tri Girl Tri, an all women's event in Napa!