Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Achilles Heel

And I'm referring to my real physical Achilles' heel, here. I'm not referring to a metaphor to my fatal weaknesses (I do have a few) or the mythological reference. But my Achilles tendon... is hurting. And I don't actually know how I caused this. Well, not really. I was doing my usual thing at work yesterday (sitting, typing, eating, on the phone, eating, blogging, eating, etc) and felt this soreness in the back of my right ankle in the afternoon. I thought maybe I wasn't sitting properly so I shifted a little but, stretched my ankle and ignored it. I also thought it could be my very cute black slingback heels that were pressing into my ankle. But the dull pain didn't go away. I got home and I iced it and it felt better. And this morning, it felt fine. Sometime this afternoon, the ache returned. Aron told me that her husband had suffered from Achilles tendonitis, too! Apparently, Achilles tendonitis is caused by from lack of stretching (especially calves) after running. Oh and as soon as she mentioned this, I had flashbacks of the few long runs that I did in the past week where I didn't stretch after! (I was rushing off somewhere after I squeezed in a run here and there.) My husband also told me that your Achilles tendon gets shorter and shorter as you get older. I just didn't think that would happen to me! And now, I'm paying for it. Dammit, dammit, dammit. My Achilles tendon is very sore and I have a hard time bending it forward and back. Walking is kinda painful, actually. And I'm really worried. I have races coming up! Aron did give me a stretching tip to alleviate the tightness... I just tried it but I looked kinda silly doing that in my cube at work. Ha!

So yes, I am planning on resting it, YET another day. This will be my 3rd day of none running. But better off my feet now than be out for 6 months.

With this new injury, I'll have to be flexible with my running schedule. This is now my TENTATIVE upcoming running/race schedule:

9/27 - Sail & Trail Run at Angel Island 10 miles (With a local running group - Yes, sailing again on Saturday!)
9/28 - Almaden Times Classic Run 10k (Was planning on signing up today)
10/5 - Rock n Roll Half Marathon San Jose (I'm signed up!)
10/19 - Nike Women's Marathon SF (I gave up the idea but wanted to throw that in, I don't know why...!)
10/26 - Metro Silicon Valley Marathon (Contemplating the half)

Now, I have to play all of them by ear and see... :-/


  1. i have also read places that high heels are not nice to your achellies :( so be careful with that too... because it causes your calves to be in constant flex mode or something. check out runners world too they have some good workout/stretches for it. hope it feels better soon!!!

    you are the race queen! i need to stop reading so i dont sign up for them all haha :)

  2. That's a lot of races, my friend. Be careful and take this seriously. I'm dealing with a mysterious hip thing that's not going away, so I'm off to the torture doctor (aka PT) next week to have it looked at, as ignoring it is not helping. :( For both of us, let's take care of these little things before they become big things, k? K!

  3. Yes, mom! I mean, Leslie! :-) I really do want to get better and not have a pesky injury ruining my running. Because I really do love running!! I'll keep you posted. And if I have to, I'll stay off it, for a week. Or longer!

    And Aron, I need my heels! I'm so short... :-(

  4. Pretty serious run schedule there young lady. Make sure to get rest in the mean time and enjoy yourself.

  5. Keep restin chica! I don't know much about the calveronis but I hope it gets better soon and you can get back into running action :-)

  6. Oh man, I hope that it feels better. I have no patience for rest days. I know how frustrating it is!! Hopefully you'll be back at it soon!

  7. Make sure you wear supportive shoes. If it is still bothering you I would make an appointment with a PT.

    You have a packed race schedule!

    Keep us posted on how you are feeling.

  8. Really? That's all you do at work?! I want your job!

    And I just got though some Achilles issues myself. Take it easy! Don't push it too hard. If you can find someone that can do ART therapy (Active Release Techniques), go check them out. ART helped me a ton!! Good luck!!

  9. One of my running buddies had achilles tendonitis and ignored it, and now she has to have surgery because its on the verge of a rupture! Take care of it. Stretching and flat shoes help. High heel shorten your achilles tendon too.

    I agree with Steve, definately if you can find an ART therapist, go! It hurts, but its well worth it!

    Rest up, I hope you feel better!

  10. Oh, no! Your Achilles heel IS your Achilles heel. And your cute height-building heels definitely shorten/tighten your Achilles-- kick 'em off whenever you can. It took an ankle injury to get me into sensible shoes and I've almost managed to convinve myself I look sassy and athletic walking around in my work clothes and my pink New Balances ;) (try not to gasp with horror).

  11. Totally agree with the days off to feel better instead of being out for the next six months. Good luck with getting better.

  12. Ouchie! Take care of yourself! :)

    My orthopedic doctor in Santa Rosa is Kevin Howe - he did both of my knee surgeries. :) And yay I can't wait to spend my $25!!