Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Friday!

I had a great time at the Sunset Run in the city last night. I made it in good time after work and the weather was quite decent. I was practically frozen at the last Sunset Run. I got an extra mile in before we started the run because I had to use the restroom and the nearest public one was half a mile away! So with the warm up, the 5 miles was pretty easy, even though, I did slow down towards the end. I got to meet some of the Students Run Oakland's staff and volunteers before the race, too. It felt really good knowing that 100% of the race entry fees going to this organization. After the run, I put my name on their volunteer list to see if I can involved in some way. This non-profit organization is right up my alley and would love to give my time in the near future.

The Fleet Feet SF Sunset Runs usually have a raffle at the end of the run. Last night, they were giving away 2 entries into the Nike Women's Marathon and 8 Nike+ Sportbands. They were giving away 2 entries to the marathon this time because the winner from the last run decided she didn't want to run it. Hello, give it to someone like me!!! Please! So, even though I've pretty much given up running the Nike Marathon, I was still hopeful and well, if I got the entry, I would have run it. But, no, they didn't call my name. Not once. They actually pulled out 6 names before they had any takers for the race entry. Can you believe it? No one wanted it!! Most of the people in the raffle were more interested in the Nike+ Sportband. I thought it was funny that they had such a hard time giving away the race entries. It's just not meant to be for me!

I plan to run 12 miles tomorrow morning with the Club Run SF... and the Race for the Cure 5k on Sunday. Our team name is "Boobies-r-US"! Aron is also running the 5k with her own team. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So many city runs this week - how fun for you! I'll be at Club Run tomorrow :) If you see a girl standing by herself with pigtails and a Nike cap with the 11:00 group, that's me! I'm going to take it easy tomorrow b/c my knee was hurting a bit after the half last weekend...

  2. hiya! I'll probably do 6 tomorrow. if I feel good, maybe a little more... at least it's an easy route!

  3. i really should get to one of those nike runs... they are almost over now though arent they??

    well hopefully i will see you sunday!

  4. Hey SY,

    Amanda, Abigail and I will be doing a 5K tomorrow. I'll have Abigail on a baby carrier (27pds - gulp). Obviously we'll be walking it, and I'm hoping to make this an annual event for the girls and me (our second year now). Wish us luck!

    Sounds like your runner's euphoria is permanently lodged in your brain. :) Good for you.

    Nice to "see" what you're up to.

  5. I always look forward to your new blog designs! Sounds like you have a busy weekend of running.

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for checking out my blog and adding it to the list, I "heart" yours. I am sorry that you are on the west coast, or we could do some runs together.

    I also have a foodie blog, check that one out when you have a chance!

    Have a great weekend of running!


  7. Hope you had fun at your run today!

  8. That run sounds great - good cause and nice run. Good job! Sorry you didn't win the entry - boo. :(
    Hope the 5k went well!

  9. New to your blog. I *heart* your blog title.