Thursday, September 4, 2008

8 Miles on the Bay Trail + Nike Marathon

My hubby and I sloughed through 8 miles on the Oracle Bay Trail last night.

It was warm but once the sun started going down, it cooled off considerably. Considering most of the trail is flat, it was a much easier run. Around mile 5, I had a rather insistent urge to go to the bathroom... If you know what I mean! I actually stopped to look for a restroom at a local elementary school but everything was locked up and closed. I barely made it back to D's work!! (I don't know how I held it in for so long! Sorry, TMI!) Again, the first 4 miles was fairly easy but the return route back wasn't. What did help us run faster was that it started getting very dark and I think we ran a lot faster to finish! It was hard to see out there on the trail, though. It felt really good to go 8 miles, though. I think slowly but surely, I'm getting back into the swing of things. By the way, this is a great route! Very pretty and serene. I love the view of the San Mateo Bridge on the trail!

So, many of you have been asking how I plan to get a slot for the Nike Women's Marathon on October 19 in San Francisco. I don't really have a sure way of getting in to the full marathon. But here are my 3 ways of trying:

1. Craigslist - I posted a wanted ad for a full marathon bib. I've seen a bunch of other wanted ads for half but none for a full marathon. Someone actually contacted me last week to see if I was interested in buying off her bib! I responded yes but I haven't heard back.

2. Jamba Juice - They're one of the corporate sponsors for the Nike Marathon. They get a bunch of slots for their corporate employees. I have a friend in HR there who put me on their waitlist. We'll see if anyone drops off!

3. Taunya - Her sister might not be running? I'm still waiting patiently!

Honestly, I don't know if any of these are going to work out. I don't even know if Nike lets transfer of bib #s, either. But, I'm keeping positive and see if it all works out. If anyone has any other brilliant ideas, please let me know!!


  1. Hey there! Yes, you can just show up, find a pace group and go! Technically, you're supposed to sign the waiver form, too, but no one checks. You can also do shoe trials if you want but you probably don't for that distance. But if you do, bring your ID.

    Anyway, Nike won't let you transfer bibs - they're sticklers about that. Plus whoever has the bib will still have to go to the expo to get the bib for you - I think they require ID for packet pick-up. Same as other races, I guess. Good luck getting in!!!

  2. Oh no, they don't let you transfer? Boo. :-(
    I hope Jamba Juice comes through!!

    But, I think still go to the training run this Sat in SF!

  3. Hopefully you can get in! That marathon sounds as good as a marathon can get. :) Eek, and nice job on the run; that feeling is not fun.

  4. yah i have heard that they dont let you transfer... but you could just run as someone else?? hopefully you can get in another way! cant you get a bib if you go to the training runs?? hope your other ways work too!

    yuck i hate that feeling on runs and i know exactly what you are talking about... good job for getting the 8 miles in!

  5. aron, i'm gonna see if i can't get in via jamba juice, maybe i'll just the half. registration is still open!

  6. Glad you were able to make it make to your husband's work. I have had the bathroom urge a few times, it's awful!

  7. I have had those where is the bathroom moments too, and creeped through a high school looking for one.. Glad I'm not alone.

    Good luck on trying to get into that race.. :)

  8. Good job on the run! sounds like I won't be running too far from home soon, or I'll be squatting in woods. Haha.It's good that you have 3 options. Obviously they won't let you transfer but everyone does that! that's why bibs are ON craigs list. Seriously. Haha. Well good luck. I'm all for the 2009 gig!

  9. You're in Julianne!! My sister is dropping out. You'll have to run under her name, but you'll be in...Email me (email is on my profile), and I'll give you the details.