Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For All You Lunchtime Runners

I don't know how many of you run during your lunch break but today I went out there for the first time! I did the San Toma Creek Trail again. The weather was beautiful, there were lots of walkers and few runners on the trail. Good thing that the trail is an easily accessible considering there are bunch of business parks and companies near by. Whizzing by the walkers and few runners made me feel totally hardcore running at lunch time! It felt great! I feel revived and refreshed. Of course, I had to rush through the dinky shower at work to get ready but it was all worth it. For all you lunchtime runners, you rock! I see why you do it. ;-)

Also, the 5.5 miles that I ran yesterday turned out to be correct. I guess I didn't read the Nike+ screen correctly when I thought I turned around at the 3 mile marker... Today, when I turned around at the 2.5 mile point, it wasn't too far from where I turned around yesterday. Anyway, Nike+, I take back what I said yesterday!

My foot did bother me a little bit but I ran through it... It wasn't too bad, actually.

And I'm so glad so many of you feel the same way about our unoffical running blog community. You guys are awesome!


  1. I've never done the lunchtime run, but my lunch this year is only 40 minutes long and right in the middle of a class so would NEVER work. I like getting it done before the day really starts and feel strong all day. Good job on the lunchtime run though!

  2. I could never shower at work...bleeeh. I always admired the people who could fit a work out in during lunch. I take too long to get ready, so my work out would be cut short to um...20 minutes?

  3. Glad you enjoyed a lunch run. I think it provides a nice option. Sometimes it is hard for me to want dive back in my work when I get back. Do you think you are going to try and get a few lunch runs in during the week?

  4. I've never done a lunchtime run. Pretty much always early AM or later when the Mr comes home from work. I don't know if I could do it if I worked though LOL. I'm a weirdo about the whole shower thing hehe

  5. That lunchtime running review was just what I needed! Once I can run again (sigh) I will definitely try it. I don't really mind showering at work as long as I have my flip-flops-- I doubt many other people use it.

    So you couldn't have had better timing for your trial for me. Glad your foot is holding up!