Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Tuesday

It's only Tuesday and already this week has been crazy. I have a major deadline due this Friday and between all the team meetings, action items and work (in general), I have had NO time to do the important stuff... Like reading other runner's blogs and surfing the net! Hehe. Also with various wedding vendor appointments and activities, I also haven't had a chance to even put short runs in. I couldn't go to bed last night because I was mentally checking off all the wedding stuff that I haven't done, yet!

AND, I realized I haven't really planned out what I was going to wear on race day on Sunday! Shorts or long pants? A singlet or a technical shirt? Hmmm...

Again, no run today. I have meetings right up to another appointment this afternoon. And then dinner plans. *sigh*

But, good news! I just found out the Sports Basement near my work is starting a Tuesday after-work run group starting next week! Hooray! I have more incentive to run after work (after the marathon). Oh and carbo-loading is in FULL effect!!


  1. Take it one step at a time, you have so much going on!! Don't get overwhelmed and I'm sure everything will fall into place!

    The running group after work sounds amazing!

    I really want to run on Sun but with the hills I think I'd be in for it (and lack of long runs!) ... not to mention the crazy traveling. GOOD LUCK, I'm so excited for you runners!

  2. I tagged you on my blog to do a version of Aron's list :)

    I just started thinking about my outfit, but I'm planning to wear a running skirt and tank top. Definitely a garbage bag to the start to stay warm, and possibly if I have time to hit up a thrift store some throwaway sweats.

  3. yayyyyyyy for sunday!!!! and YAYYYY for the wedding!!! everything will come together - dont stress!!!

    which sports basement do you work by? what part of the bay are you in, i forget? maybe the east bay soon?!?

  4. Go, Suyon, go! One foot in front of the other. :) I wish I were around to photograph you crossing the finish line....

  5. Good luck with the race this weekend!!!!

  6. "I have had NO time to do the important stuff... Like reading other runner's blogs and surfing the net!"

    Your absence has been conspicuous. ;-)


  7. The race is almost here, good luck! It seems that not having enough time to visit others blogs and surf the net is common this week, I totally feel your pain there.

    Enjoy the carbs.

  8. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your blogger template from?


  9. GOOD LUCK!!! Have fun. I can't wait to read all about it.