Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nike+ SportBand = Confusion

sSo it took me a little while to figure out how to set this puppy up. I don't normally look at user guides or quick reference guides (for electronic devices), but I wanted to make sure I got everything right to capture the mileage, pace, calories burned and the time. So I strapped on the Nike+ SportBand, planted the sensor into the Bozzee cradle and went out for a run. Btw, Bozzee is great! You can use the Nike+ sensor on non-Nike shoes. It worked great on my Asics GT-2140. Once I got it started, it seemed to be working just fine. However, about half mile into my run I noticed the mileage recorded on the SportBand was much higher than the actual distance that I ran. I run this route quite often so I know where my mile markers are. I had that disappointed feeling the whole time, knowing that I wasn't really running 8:40 pace. It felt more like 9:30 pace, which is my usual pace. The SportBand said I ran about 7 miles in an hour. I didn't think I ran that far so when I got home I mapped my run and as expected, I only ran 6.5 miles. I added the true distance in the calibration tab and we'll see what tomorrow is like. Granted, today's run was a bit hilly and I did have some stomach cramps so I wasn't very consistent in my run. (I probably should not have had that slice of pizza before I went out running but I was SO hungry!) Tomorrow, I plan to take out the SportBand on a more flat run. Stay tuned... Oh and here's my run graph from today's run:

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  1. I was wondering how the sportband was. I usually have to have my husband figure out all my gadgets and then teach me.

    Nice job on the run.