Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sore Sore Sore

I am so sore today. Went to bootcamp this morning for the track workouts, then was motivated enough to go run 8 miles at the gym. However, I was only able to run 4. It was a very hard run for me this morning on the treadmill. After every mile, I had to walk for at least .25 miles to recover. I wanted to keep going but my heart wasn't it in after 4 miles. (The 5 miles yesterday was such a breeze!) I'm going to try to run outside after work tomorrow and see how far I get. May have to go very very late due to the heatwave this week. I also ran another fast mile today: 7:02! :-) And back to being sore... It could be the mile run this morning or all the jump squats I did this morning but I am so sore. Ouch. Every step is painful...

Gonna go watch "Wanted" tonight after work with a girlfriend of mine. I seriously love Angelina Jolie. Seriously, LOVE her!

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