Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Spinning vs Running

I'm supposed to run 5 miles today, according to the training schedule. With the bad air quality in the Bay Area lately, it concerns me a bit to run outside. I have heard long term affects are not-too-pretty when you inhale smoke and such. Yesterday morning, I woke up to lots of ash on my car!! Good thing it was my rest day. I'm thinking about going to the gym and spinning for an hour. I'm not crazy about spinning (I could never adjust the seats correctly and I'm usually sore for a day or two)! But is that a good enough alternative to running 5 miles? I sure do sweat a lot if I spin for an hour... While burning calories is great, not sure if it's good enough training for a marathon. I could run on the treadmill for 5 hours (which I've done before) but the 24 Hour Fitness near my work limist cardio equipment to only 20 minutes during peak hours. And I always feel guilty if I go over that time limit and I see there's a line to the treadmills. spinning

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  1. i just searching spinning vs running on goggle and up came your blog.

    i am training for a half marathon in february (i live in new hampshire and last year i ran through a blizzard)

    i current take a spin class tuesday mornings and i want to continue doing so, so i searched to see what people had to say about running vs spinning. i read that 3.5 miles of spinning/riding equals one mile running. i normally spin for 45 minutes, about 12 miles...so about 3+/- miles?

    good luck with your marathon.