Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

This is the first weekend in a long time that I didn't run AT ALL! No run Saturday or Sunday. And it really felt terrible. I really wanted to but there were too many things going on! On top of that, I ate badly all weekend. There was my bridal shower on Saturday and Sunday was a pure eating fest with friends and family. Apparently, I have an eating disorder, too. I like to "order this and this and this". Get it?? Ha!

My shower was really fun. Very low key and simple, no games and there was alcohol involved. It was just the way I wanted it. Really, no games! There was white sangria, virgin red sangria, margaritas (with blenders in tow) and my favorite, the melinni. It's like a belinni but made instead with melon juice and champagne. The special melon juice was straight from Palencia Restaurant in San Francisco. They have the most amazing brunch cocktails at Palencia. My friends know the owner of the restaurant and he did a huge favor by providing the juice for the cocktail. The shower cake was provided none other than my own fiancee!! As some of you know we've had quite an issue with the wedding cake. It's all squared away now but at one point, we considered making our own. Especially after we had the ice box cake from Magnolia Bakery in the West Village in NYC. For those of you who are not familiar with this delicious treat, ice box cake is basically chocolate wafers layered with freshed sweetened whipped cream. YUM! I loved the ice box cake so much I told him we had to fly in the cake for the wedding. That was a very costly and outrageous option so D said that he would try to find the recipe and make it, himself. He's quite the whiz in the kitchen and definitely is much more proficient in the kitchen than me! Anyway, he found the recipe via and made the cake. It's lot easier than it looks. I told him it's crazy to make our own cake for the wedding and jokingly told him he was more than welcome to make my shower cake. And he agreed! So the night before the shower, he made 3 cakes, enough for 30+ women. The cake was a total hit. More brownie points for my D with my friends and family. I got some great gifts from my registry, lots of risque lingerie (that was really too embarrassing to open in front of D's mom) and one real whip. Yes, a real cropping whip. Um. I also got some pink handcuffs, too. It was just a great time spent with some of my favorite friends and family on both my side and D's...

So anyway, to salvage a bad eating weekend, I'm planning on running 12 miles today after work... Which will be in about an hour! Good thing it's nice and cool today. High of 72 degrees in Sunnyvale. Yay.


  1. How sweet is your fiance for making the cake. He sounds too cute. So glad you had such a wonderful time...a real whip?!

    Hope your run went well. Only 2 more weeks!!!

  2. That cake looks amazing!! I can't image my husband making a cake - for a shower!! or 3!! Wow!!! You're on the right track! So are your colors pink for the wedding??
    hope you had a good run, you deserved a nice weekend off. What is the countdown?

  3. YUMMMMM cake sounds delicious!!! SO glad you had so much fun at your shower!! i LOVE showers!

    dont feel bad about not getting your run in... you are making it up AND its taper time anyways! PLUS you are getting married SOON!! so exciting.

    oh and thats 22 for the week NOT 22 on sat :) lol.

    and i took those pics with my phone! finally figured out how to get them from my phone to the internet :)

  4. That cake looked SO GOOD! There are always going to be some weekends that we fall and eat really badly. Don't feel bad at all for not running over the weekend, I'm sure this next run you have will make up for it.

  5. I got a Bondage 101 kit at my shower 2 weeks ago...while I did think it was hilarious, my grandmother was there AND my fiances mom...

    By the way, that was not something I had registered for...haha