Friday, August 1, 2008

1.5 More Days to SFM

This has been one BUSY week. Week long supplier meetings (off site) has made life just really tough for me. Meetings and work dinners meant I had No time to go work out or do my taper runs. Thursday night, I had to beg off dinner with the suppliers so I could squeeze in a short run. If I had gone, I'm sure alcohol and bad food would have been involved. And definitely, NO run. I went for a 4 mile run instead yesterday evening. My only run this week! It was tough getting started but it felt good most of the way. I know I'm supposed to taper but running a total of 4 miles this week is a bit extreme. Well, 1 run is better than none at all, I suppose.

Today was my "work from home" day and I was able to squeeze in a lot of wedding errands. I even went to my final bootcamp day (for this session) and did some light cross training. It felt really good. Tomorrow is my final rest day before the race. I seriously questioned my sanity in running a marathon 5 days before my wedding. Something is seriously wrong with me. Or maybe not...

D picked up my bib packet today for me in San Francisco and there's a new timing chip. Apparently, it's called the "D-Tag", a disposable timing chip band. It looks a lot more tricky than the instruction PDF shows. I just hope it tracks my time correctly. Anyhoo, having the bib and my race shirt got me very excited. And nervous. Very nervous. The adrenaline is kicking in and I am already envisioning the start of the race with thousands of others. D decided to take part in the race after all and signed up for the first half today. I'm bummed that he won't be crossing the finish line with me but there's always the next race!

Wow, 1.5 more days til the run. 7 more days til the wedding!!

Best of luck to Laura and Aron, who are also running the full SF Marathon!! And, I can't forget T who is doing the Half. Hope to see you ladies on the course!! (It's been really great and encouraging to follow their training/running stories for the past few weeks. It's nice to know I'm not alone going through this crazy marathon training!)


  1. I'm sure you'll do just great. Don't worry about not being able to do taper runs -- you've already achieved the fitness level during the past few months' of training. See how you're feeling in the morning and push to what you're comfortable with.

    Kick bootay tomorrow and see you next week!!!

  2. Best of Luck to you! I'm sure you'll do great!

    Can't wait to read your race report!

  3. Can't wait to hear all about your run -

  4. Good luck on the marathon - you're ready, now it's time to enjoy! :)

    I'll be at the 5K - maybe we'll run into each other!