Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today's SF Marathon Results


Place Overall: 1557 / 4354
Women: 286 / 1481
FINISH: 4:09:29
Pace: 9:31
7.5 Mi Split: 1:11:34
Half Split: 2:02:18

Woohoo! Personal best for my 4th marathon!!!!
am thrilled that I beat my fastest time by 4 minutes. And that was from 2 years ago. But I am so happy that I went out there and gave it my all. I'll have to write more on it tomorrow. I am wiped out from the run today. After the run, D and I had to go do bunch of wedding errands. I got home about an hour ago since we left the house at 5am this morning.

I think I ate back everything I burned off today, though.

Congrats to Aron and Laura (marathon), T and Leslie (half marathon) and Audrey (5k) for completing their races at the SFM today!

And thank you to all of you who have been reading my blog and for your encouraging words!


  1. Amazing job!!! Sounds like you, me, and Aron were all right near each other most of the way - sorry we didn't get to meet up. Can't wait to read your full report!

  2. woo hoo!! that's great!!! Nice work! Now on to finalize the wedding plans!! Best of luck in the final few days being single. Enjoy it, married life is great though!!

  3. Julianne - Congrats again on a fantastic race! I wanna hear all about it in person, soon!

  4. You did a fantastic job!! Now it is all about the wedding. Hope you are relaxing today.

    Well done.

  5. Oh that's awesome! Congrats on a fantastic race :)

  6. You totally rock, SY! I'm so proud of you -

  7. AWESOME job!!!! i cant believe how close you, me and laura were... too bad we didnt get to meet up! sometime soon though esp if you are in the EB!

    good luck with the wedding week!!!!!!!!!!! soooo close!

  8. Congrats - you did awesome!!! Have fun with wedding week - I hope we get to see pics :)

  9. Congratulations on your PB. Well done.

  10. Congrats on a great race. I hope your final wedding plans are going well (your centerpieces are gorgeous). My wedding day was perfect- it rained in the afternoon (scared for a bit), but it cleared up and was perfect. I'm sure you'll be a beautiful bride. I'm so excited/happy for you!!!

  11. just wanted to know i am thinking of you... hope tomorrow is the most amazing day ever!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!