Monday, August 25, 2008

A Belated SF Marathon Recap

It's now been about 3 weeks since the SF Marathon and I realized I never got a chance to write my race report. (I do have a great excuse! I got married and went on a honeymoon!) And to tell you the truth, I can't remember all the details of the 26.2 course or my feelings through the 4 hour race. What I do remember is this:

- It was a painful 4 hours and 9 minutes. My knees hurt like a mofo around mile 23. Due to the knee aches, I did slow down quite a bit in my last 3 miles or so.

- I really don't like running through the Potero and Dog Patch area. And no groups passed out bananas or oranges!

- The race seems lonelier than usual... and not as many spectators cheering the runners during the race. A noticeable lack of crowds especially around the Baker Beach hill area. Although, the Sports Basement cheering squad was larger than usual! I love their costumes. It made me smile right up until we hit that humongous hill to Golden Gate Bridge.

- It wasn't as cold as previous SF Marathons that I've participated. The weather was perfect, actually.

- I didn't hit "the wall"! But nonetheless, it was painful. But I didn't hit the wall!!

- It was the easiest marathon to date... and fastest recovery. It really does make a difference to follow a training schedule!!!

- Was it me or the looping around Golden Gate Park seemed excessively long and hard??

- As I was getting closer to the finish line, I remember thinking, why the hell do I put myself through this?? (A recurring thought through the race, unfortunately.) And as much as I couldn’t wait for the marathon to be over, I kept thinking, what's next? What's my next marathon??

Overall, it was a fantastic race. 4:09 is my PR to date and I am ecstatic that I was able to shave off 4 minutes from my fastest time. I'm really going to try to lose 10 lbs for my next marathon to shave off 10 minutes. I really want to run a sub 4 hour marathon next time and I feel like it's within my reach. Maybe I'll pick a more flat route, though. Nonetheless, the SFM is a great marathon. I do love running through the Embarcadero and the GGB! And the feeling after the finish line. WOW. I love that feeling. I get so emotional at the start of the race and at the end. I'm surprised I didn't cry this time!


  1. When's your next one? Nice report, it made me feel like I was there. I hear you about hitting the knee problems late in the game. But you had an awesome time and rocked it with a Pr just days before your wedding. Amazing!

  2. Oh thank you!! :-) I am still hoping to get Nike Women's Marathon in late October. Which means, I need to get my butt in gear and start training! But I am signed up to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in San Jose on Oct 5th. Which is about a month and a half away!

  3. those downhills were KILLER on the knees!!

    i was a little lonely for most of the race too... just in my own world without a whole lot of people around me. luckily my "fans" hehe found me a couple of times during the LONG winding around GGP which helped. it did feel like we were in there forever!

    and yes i did think that at one point... what am i doing?!?! but that all went away soon after the finish line :)

    so how are you trying to get into nike?? are you doing their group runs or something?

  4. You should come to the Nike training runs when you're back in town! Are you definitely doing the Nike Women's marathon? BTW - I will be at the SJ RnR half as well! (But I probably already told you that)

  5. If you want a fast, flat-ish marathon, CIM in Sacramento in December is a wonderful race. I'm thinking of doing it as my very first marathon (yikes!). Nice race report!

  6. I hope I race as well as you did. That is awesome that you didn't hit the "wall" and that you had a fast recovery! I am sure having the wedding right after helped too! A sub 4 is definitely in your future!

  7. Way to go! Sounds like a tough run but you got through it with a PR and that's something to be proud of alone. Can't wait to hear what's next, it's pretty funny that that's what you were thinking about too. Keep it going.

  8. Great race. I hope to get closer to 4 hours if I can hit a good day. I think you are well in line to go under 4 hours. Pick a race and go for it.

  9. Nice race report. I was disappointed in the crowd turnout too, and I'm glad it ended for me at GG Park.

    It's great the you were able to make a PR despite having it rough in your final miles.


    PS...I hope to pin my sis down about Nike tonight!

  10. Fantastic time! I am dreaming of a time similar to that in October.