Friday, October 10, 2008

TGIF and Tagged!

Is it me or do Fridays seem to come around faster and faster? It's great but why do they come around so quickly??

Thank you for all the marathon/running book suggestions! I ordered 26.2 Marathon Stories (for pictures) and the Ultraman by Dean Karnazes for some inspiration from at ridiculously cheap prices. I've written down all the other titles and hope to order them one after the other. Thank you for again! If I'm not running, I will be reading!

Also, did a great 6 miler yesterday. I tried loosening my laces as ncrunner12 suggested and it's a little better. But we'll have to see. I'm resting today but going for 8 miles tomorrow!

And, I've been tagged by *Aron* and ncrunner12... Thanks for the love! So here are my 6 random things:

1. I've lived in Kazakhstan for 18 months from 2001-2002. During this time, I had an opportunity to northwest China, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Yep, you heard me correctly. After 9/11 tragedy and everything else that ensued, Afghanistan was opened up to outsiders. I was able to enter with international aid organizations to do "aid" work. It was life changing, to say the least!

2. I commute 53 mile each way for work - no morning runs for me, sadly. Sometimes, it takes me up to 2 hours. My hubby and I carpool together so it's usually less but still. We really need to do something about it. Either we move closer to my work or I need to find a new job. I'm starting to have mini-breakdowns about the commute these days. The thing is, my work relocated back to the Bay Area from New York so I have to pay back my relocation fees. Which is about $10,000+. Yikes. (Good thing I work from home on Fridays!)

3. I am currently sporting eyelash extensions. I know, this probably sounds strange but these kind of cosmetic enhancements actually exist! I have individual fake eyelashes glued to my natural ones. (Someone else did it and it took 3 hours. I know, I'm crazy!) They are super long. Without it, I nornally look like a fire victim. Oh the things I go through to look "good".

4. I can whistle to just about any tune. And really good at it, too.

5. I have 3 tattoos and early next year, planning on getting more. I found this awesome tattoo artist near by but she's so booked up, I have to wait til February of 2009. I currently have a tiger (born the year of), phoenix (I was young when I got this one) and my name in Chinese characters... Not sure why I did that because I'm actually Korean!??! I am planning on getting on dogwood blossoms because I need something a bit more feminine! I love how it looks and what it represents.

6. I don't turn red when I drink. Which is a good thing when I don't want to look sloshed. The bad thing is that I get sloshed way too often because of that exact reason...

Happy Friday everyone!! Have a great weekend and great races for those of you who are racing. You are all Kenyans to me. REALLY! (What is it about Kenyans that moves us so much??)


  1. ROFLMAO!! I can see why you'd want to do #3. I'm really skimpy in the hair dept (brows and lashes) so it makes sense to me.

    I LMAO at #5 as well. There was a bit of time when I wanted to do Chinese characters and thought the same thing. But wasn't sure because technically I'm not Chinese but then my every so charming husband *sarcasm* chimes in and says "That doesn't matter. When people see you on the street they think Asian chick. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, whatever. That's what they think. So it would be OK" HAHAHHAAA

  2. YAY for the books!

    GAH seriously that commute is nuts :( i commuted to the city for years and my life is so different now that i dont have that. i dont envy you.

    looove the eyelash extensions :) my friend had them done and they were so cool!

    i have FOUR tattoos :) so addicting.

  3. Oh my gosh! You must tell me more about these eyelash extensions! My eyelashes actually go down and when I curl them and put mascara, they go down even more.

    My husband has gorgeous long lashes and it's just not fair!

  4. Those are great facts! Can I join the "I have pathetic lashes" club?

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I commute 13 miles each way to work-- and most days it takes an hour in each direction. Ack! Too bad you can't work from home more days each week. I'm thinking of trying to negotiate that in lieu of a raise when the time comes around-- I think it would be worth it!

  5. Fascinating facts. I love learning more about you!

  6. Well that's 13 miles (one way) and two tats more than me!

  7. Ooh - I get to join the skimpy eyelash club too! So glad my kids have more than me, but sadly, my son still managed to get longer/thicker ones than my daughter. He's got INSANE eyelashes.

    I stopped at one tat - I just can't figure out what/where.

  8. I tried eyelash extensions earlier this year!! i love them too! for 4 weeks, i knew what it was like to have nice long lashes. isn't it terrible when they start to fall off? everytime another one fell, i'd say"there's 10 dollars, woops, there goes 20..."

  9. What part of Kazakhstan did you live. Matt and I adopted Morgan from Karaganda!

  10. Cute tidbits. Feel like I know you a little bit better because of it. And you are correct...I did run SFM and am running NYCM. It's my definition of the coast-to-coast run.

    Hope you have fun with the books.

  11. Congrats! On getting into Nike! I'm totally happy and excited for you!

    Wow 53 mile commute is no small feat! And girl, there's nothing wrong with eyelash enhancements... I think it's great....

    Good luck with your 8 mile......I can't believe Nike is next week!

  12. Whoa, I would last on that commute all of a week. Hopefully you can fix that one soon! Tattos, where are they? That's funny, if you can do that, childbirth shouldn't be too bad! Love that you work from home on Fridays!

  13. Wow, 53 miles!!!!!, that is a lot!!!

  14. This is very interesting. The commute sounds killer. Glad you can share the ride with hubby.

  15. Here's a thought to make the work commute more bearable: if there is any shower available (if not at your job, even a local park? Showering with running clothes on IS possible) why not drive early to avoid traffic, then have a morning run with your hubby before work? Even if it's not feasible all the time, even once in awhile is fun to shake things up.

  16. The pregnant runner doesn't know what to do. I think I'm being irrational, thinking about running a marathon while pregnant. When I finally decide, it will be sold out. After the last few days of running (crappy running) I don't feel as good about signing up. If I sign up for something, I want to do it - so...

    So jealous of your SF!!

  17. Yikes, that commute would kill me. :(

    To answer your question: yep, it says 42.2 :D

  18. It was definitely a good idea to tag you because now I know about fake lashes... that is some funny shit!

    My GF is getting me my first tat for my birthday. I'm not 100% sure what to get but I'm sure I want some kind of endourance or running symbol. Have a great week

  19. I have one or two of the SB recipe books, but I am not the best at using them - I am not a very good chef! I don't like to spend much time in the kitchen and meal planning is annoying to me. I really should try new recipes to keep things new and interesting, so I plan on using more new recipes this time.

    The tentative plan for next year is to do the Santa Cruz half marathon on April 19th with my old roommate from college. She lives in Santa Barbara now, so it's in between the two of us. That will be pending on her being able to run it - she just did the Portland Marathon and was battling knee AND foot issues the whole way through. We'll see how she's feeling in Jan. If I don't do that one with her, I'm sure I'll find something in my area to do in the March/April timeframe. I want to join a training group, so we'll see what race they are targeting.

    Then the next one after that is going to be the Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon, which should be on July 19th. An online friend from CHICAGO is going to fly out to run it with me! I'm so excited!!

    I'll also be doing a Olympic Length triathlon at the end of the summer, but I'm waiting to see what my training group picks as their target race. And I also plan on doing the first triathlon I did again, which is always on Labor day weekend. :)

    Those will be my big races next year. I'll try to sprinkle in some 10k, 5k, and maybe even a 3k or two in the middle. :)

  20. love your random facts. I totally want to get those put on too, but maybe when I get married, if ever :) and that book I heard is really good. I would also reccomend Pam Reed's book about ultra marathoning. Her insight is inspiring! :)

  21. You are totally welcome to come running next time!!! I am JUST now realizing you are an East-Bay-er, how did I miss that?

    That means we have no excuses NOT to run together!

  22. i have 3 tattoos as well :) they are so addicting...i want to get another one, but i need to come up with a good idea!!

    and eyelash extensions sound sooo fun!!!! ;)

  23. I love the fun facts!
    I am actually considering eye lash extensions. I am totally O.C. like that. haha. Does it mess up your natural eyelashes?

  24. I love reading running books... these people inspire me like crazy!

    thats cool about your eyelashes... do they feel funny??