Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Insert Witty Post Title Here

So here's what happened yesterday and today:

Monday: Elliptical for 20 min & Spinning for 50 min
Tuesday: Lunch time 7 miler @ 9:28 min pace

I haven't gone spinning in a really long time and I forgot what tough workout it can be. I sweat so much when I go spinning, too. Last night was no exception! I got to the gym a little early so I also hit the elliptical machine for a little bit. As for today, it felt so good to run at lunch time. It's a pain to change, shower and get ready AGAIN but it was totally worth it. (I'm not the au-naturale kinda gal. I'm all about full-on make up and hair kinda chick so anytime I get sweaty is a huge issue.) Good thing it's a slow week at work!

Here's what's up for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: Track Workout!
Thursday: Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10k
Friday: Rest & Recover!!
Saturday: 8 Miler... somewhere
Sunday: 6 Miler or Cross Train?

I am totally looking forward to the smoked turkey that Duane is planning on making!! I am also contributing to the Thanksgiving faire by making Sugar Free Cranberry Chutney and Low-Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake! Part of my low-carb endeavor to shed unwanted pounds. I'll report back on the food later. Especially since I don't cook very much it will be interesting to see how these turn out! We're doing Thanksgiving Potluck at my parent's house in San Jose this year and I can't wait to show off my "new" cooking skills.

Also, if any of you are planning to send out photo holiday cards this year, I have a Friends and Family coupon code for Tiny Prints for 20% off! Type in "FAM121" without the quotes when you check out. Seriously, they have the cutest cards! I just ordered ours today... Here's our holiday card preview. Too bad we did not have any good running photos together!
The message says: We went "green on our honeymoon and
planted a tree in Costa Rica! (Duane did all the work! Phew!)

Love, Julianne & Duane

Of course, if you're like my super duper crafty friend Heather, you can make your own but I'm not really a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of a gal. Also, if you're looking for an amazing photographer for your special event in IDAHO, you should check out her photography blog!

Happy Turkey Day tomorrow everyone!!


  1. i have thought about lunch time runs but am very hesitant for those reasons you listed :)

    have a great thanksgiving!!! love the card :)

  2. I can't do a lunch time run either... I'm too scared! I know I would be a mess, but glad you can fit it all in. Have fun at the Turkey Trot!

    Those cards are TOO CUTE! :) Have a great thanksgiving and good luck with your cooking skills :)

  3. Have fun with the Thanksgiving spread :)

    I can't believe it's time to get the holiday cards ready. I need decent pics first!

  4. Enjoy your thanksgiving dinner! And cute card!!

  5. Mmm that meal sounds good!! Way to go making healthy stuff!Your card is really cute!!! I do snapfish or shutterfly. Have fun at the 10k!!! Have a great thanksgiving!!

  6. i know! i sweat like a pig in spinning class. love it though, especially when the music's good.
    you are so on top of things with the cards! that is on my to do list.
    hoe you wow them with your cooking skillz!

  7. Mmm that cheescake sounds yummy! Have a great thanksgiving!

  8. I'm glad I'm not into all the make up like you are. I like to be able to get maximum time in for my lunch time run and then have about 10 or less min. to shower and be changed and ready for a meeting. Keeps the blood moving!

  9. Whoa, thanks for the PR! ;)

    Very cute card, my dear. Oh, and I love your collab with Sujin. Good stuff. She's always been quite the knitter, I recall.

  10. I love the card! thats really cute. Im gonna get crafty and do one again this year. Brian and i have been dating for so long, we might as well send some love out hahaha!!! Good luck at your race & have a happy safe turkey day!!

  11. Oh my gosh, what an adorable card! :)

  12. I love the holiday card. It's so pretty!

    Seriously, I'm going to come visit you in California and you can teach me to run fast and then how to put on make-up because I am totally au naturale. I put on make up, but I don't think anyone can tell any difference!

  13. Such a cute card! Thanks for the discount code. I've been thinking about my holiday cards and how I really need to get on them if I don't want to me addressing them in a frenzy on December 23rd!

  14. That is SUCH a cute card-- thanks for the coupon code! Ooh, our first holiday card as a married couple. (Yes, and I have been really bad about thank yous, eek! But after this weekend will be finished.) Can't wait to hear about how the turkey trot (and smoked turkey, but most of all pumpkin cheesecake, yummm) go. Have fun and happy Thanksgiving!

  15. I wish we had showers at work... *sugh*

    Nice job on your workouts. Elliptical + spin?! I'm tired just thinking about it. ;)

    Enjoy your feast and Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. No way could I work out at lunch. I'm usually a run+nap kind of girl. Can't really do that at my desk. :o)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. I wish I could run at lunch but I don't have access to a shower...yuck.

    Great runs, are you meeting up with us on Sunday? Aron, Tara and I are in fo sho!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!!! And love the card!

  18. Such cute cards! I love using those photo services.

    I always aspire to work out at lunch but I don't like having to re-shower during the day. I think if my hair stayed perfect I wouldn't mind but I hate having to redo the hair.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and have fun on your run tomorrow!

  19. I sweat alot on the bike too! Very weird! Great job on the run. Your christmas card thingie looks sooo cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. ooh nice card, I just need a spade...and a tree...and a trip to Costa Rica!

  21. I was just thinking about Christmas cards on the drive up to RI. I am going to check things out!

    You have to post about the pumpkin cheese cake and post the recipe too! Have an awesome Thanksgiving.

  22. Awe! Your card is adorable :) Those recipes sound wonderful too :)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  23. Your training sounds so great! Good luck on the turkey trot. It should be a good preview for CIM.

    We made low carb pumpkin cheesecake too! We're serving it with blackberries and Chambord to add a little more sweetness.

    Have a great day!

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  25. Hope you had a good turkey trot run. Those Xmas cards are definitely cute. Enjoy your holiday.

  26. I love that holiday card idea. Thanks a lot.

  27. Love your card! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do a lunch time run. I would love to. Maybe on a really slow day I could.

    Have a great Turkey Trot!

    I hope we'll get to have a Bay Area blogger meetup the week after Xmas sometime.

  28. Ooooooo chica thanks for the link! We always do photo greetings. I love yours!

  29. Hmm Im interested to hear how your recipes turned out!

  30. a lunch time run would be great since it gets dark out so early, but as you said I am a full make-up and hair kinda of gal as well and that would require a lot of effort on my part! haha