Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank You for Reading

Thank you for reading this in advance. It's hella long! And, it took me pretty much all day to catch up on the blog reading. I didn't realize I was "following" so many blogs. Phew! Good thing I'm not that busy at work these days. :-) There's so much to write about, I had to make myself a list (kinda in chronological order):

Rain on Saturday
Russian River Wine Tasting
18 miles in Santa Rosa on Sunday
Luna Moons
Madonna - Sticky and Sweet Concert Tour
NYCM on DVR/Lottery

Halloween - No trick-or-treaters at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. Good thing because we didn't even have any candy to pass out. We had a feeling no one was coming to knock on our door, though. I had no Halloween spirit this year!

I'm sure by now, you've heard that it rained most of Saturday. All over the West Coast, I think. On Friday afternoon, Aron and I had tentatively planned on doing our long runs together on Saturday morning (Aron 20 miles, me 16) but we both knew it was going to rain. After all, it rained most of Thursday and Friday and so rain on Saturday was no surprise. I got up around 6am on Saturday morning and heard the rain falling. I text'd Aron to see if she was going to run in the rain but she text'd me back saying she decided to go run on Sunday (and she's been sick all week). I was secretly glad because I really didn't feel like running 16 in the rain and really really wanted to sleep in. I got my wish! I slept in until 11am. (Yes, I also ditched my 8:30am run with my running group. I had already made up my mind to run on Sunday by the time Aron texted me. And to be honest, I had thoughts about skipping out on this long run altogether. And hoping to make up for next couple of long runs. But, I knew my online accountability group was waiting... That'd be you! You guys are the best accountability group I ever had! I couldn't let you guys down after I said I was going to do the run, you know?)

My husband and I drove up to meet our friends on Saturday afternoon for the Russian River Wine Tasting up near the Healdsburg area. We left a bit late (due to the sleeping in) and it took us a lot longer to drive up there due to the rain and traffic. We missed most of Saturday's wine tasting activities, unfortunately. Not that it stopped us from eating and drinking with our friends at a restaurant in downtown Healdsburg. Our friends were already a bit tipsy from the 8 wineries that they checked out but ready to imbibe some more. I was a little disappointed that we missed out but we figured we still had Sunday to partake on the wine tasting.

Sunday morning, I got up at 7:30am refreshed (thanks to Daylight Savings) and set out for my 16 miles. Well, I ended up doing 18 because I found a great route on that started very near from our hotel. And really, I felt I could do 18 comfortably. I was pumped. I love waking up excited about my long runs. Maybe because I knew this was going to be a good route to run or maybe because I knew there was so much eating and drinking ahead of me on Sunday. I even have the handy 18 miler map right here:

It was mostly flat route, uninterrupted country roads, mostly paved and quite beautiful. There were some parts that were on the "highway" with very narrow shoulders and kinda isolated areas but other than that, it was a great run.

My husband came out on the run with me but he decided to turn back around mile 8. Poor guy has been suffering from Achilles Tendinitis all year and it was acting up pretty bad around mile 7 mark. He didn't think he could finish 18 miles with me so he turned around at that point. Up until mile 12, I was thinking, "This is a piece of cake! I'll be done in a jiffy." I underestimated the 18 miles, or rather, overestimated myself. I ran out of water around mile 14 and it was kinda downhill from there, so to speak. I was s0oooooo thirsty around then. As you can see from the photos, the patchy clouds provided cool temperatures but as I neared back into town, it got very warm. I got very parched when the clouds parted, too. Right around mile 14 when I ran out of my water, I got really tired and super dehydrated. All the wine from the day before didn't help, I'm sure. I struggled the last 4 miles in pain but I was SO happy to finish. Even if I ran pretty slow at the end and walked quite a bit:

First 11 mile pace: 9:10
Last 7 mile pace: Ranging from about 11:00 to 13:45
Average pace: 10:24
Total miles: 18:03
Total time: 3:07'43

Santa Rosa/Sebastapol scenery was beautiful and with so many wineries and vineyards, I really enjoyed the run. I did see some gnarly roadkill but I tried not to look at it. Eeek. But here are some photos that I took while I was out running:

Side note: Holly! I did think about you on my run! I belatedly realized you live in Santa Rosa (around mile 10)!

Another thing, I decided this weekend that I really don't like Luna Moons very much. I have tried them on various distances and I just don't like having to chew for that long. And I don't like how they stick to my teeth. I spend more time trying to get them out of the teeth crevices than chewing them. So, I need find another alternative.

The wine tasting/food pairing on Sunday was amazing. We must have hit 10 wineries in 2 hours. The first few we lingered and tasted all the samples but after while, we just wanted the food. And I was starving from the run. My post run meal consisted of a Luna Bar, which was not quite what I had hoped! Just to give you an idea of the type of food the wineries had, here's a short list:

Truffle Mac & Cheese
Biscotti with Chocolate Fondue fountain
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Mushroom Ragout with Mezzo Sauce
Beef Short Ribs with Olives
Blackened Tri-Tip Sandwich

One of the wineries that we stopped at
And that's not even all that we ate. There were so much more and we didn't even get to hit all of them! Next year, we need a better action plan. Less drinking, more eating.

Did I also mention unlimited wine tastings??? I was tipsy after 2 wineries. ;-)

Anyway, enough about the wine and food. I'm sure I gained back all of the 2000+ calories that I burned off during the run.

After the event, we drove home and got ready for the big concert!! Madonna - Sticky and Sweet Concert Tour came to Oakland Coliseum this weekend and we had tickets! Yes, we had two pairs of $100 tickets (each)... way up in the nosebleed section. I could not believe how expensive the tickets were for those crappy seats. As you can see from my poor quality Blackberry Pearl camera that we were pretty far away. But thank goodness for the big screens! I'm not too crazy about the new Madonna stuff (although, some of them are not bad), I'm a huge huge fan of the Immaculate Collection days. And she sang them to the audience's delight and mine! She put different twists to some of them but still, brought back great feelings! The concert was definitely entertaining although, not as scandalous as some of her earlier concerts. Not sure if it's worth $100 for the nosebleed seats, though.

Yes, the Material Girl herself on center stage! Too bad we're so far away!

While I was out running, I did think about all of your who were racing on Sunday morning. Although, I was out doing my training run, it felt really good knowing there was a community of runners out there that I can support and be supported. I also got a call from my friend Jason who completed his 3rd ING New York City Marathon with his fastest NYCM course time! Congrats Jason! I figured out how to DVR the NYCM online and so I plan to watch it when I get home later. I am really inspired by the NYCM itself and plan to throw my name in the lottery early Spring for 2009 NYCM!


  1. Way to go on the 18 miler! I love waking up excited for a run. Sounds like a fun weekend, especially with the wine tasting!!

  2. Whoa, lots to hear about! Good job on the run - good call on the extra hour. The route looked super pretty and how great is it you did more than you set out to!! The wine tour and concert sound like so much fun!! The menu sounded sooo good for the wine thing! I hear ya about the luna moons. Gu is my favorite but otherwise I use sport beans. They're ok! Hope you have a good week!

  3. I love your long story! I read so many blogs too its so hard to comment and keep up on everyones lives. I feel like i miss out if im away from the computer or gone for a few days and catching up is ROUGH! :)

    Awesome job on the run. Ive always wanted to go wine testing. I'm not a wine drinker but there has to be a kind out there for me and why not get tipsy in the process? :)

    Have a good week!

  4. sounds like a super busy weekend, great job on the 18 miles!

  5. What a great weekend you had. Even better when you can get in an 1 miler! I have a link regarding the game that we played during our Halloween party in the post. It's defiantly worth a look. It was a blast.

  6. i'm not worthy! so you planned 16 and went 18? dang, girl. there's nothing like being so amped up for a run. i love that!
    mmm, the wine tasting sounds like it was fun. unlimited tasting? i could have done some damage.
    good job on your miles!

  7. Awesome weekend. I'm so jealous reading about your run, wine tasting and Madonna! Can't beat that!

  8. What a cool weekend! California wine-tasting! (I've only been to CA twice, so there is still quite a bit of mystique surrounding it.) Great job on your 18-miler! That's amazing! I must be the odd-one-out having never run a marathon, but I'm in awe of you (and all the other marathon-ing bloggers)! One day!

  9. I enjoyed every word!
    This summer I splurged on 5th row Stevie Wonder tickets at Shoreline. Worth every penny (but thank goodness I'm not really a concert girl, or I'd be in some serious financial trouble!).

    By the way, I read a ton of blogs too, but only write if I have something to say. If commenting ever becomes a "have to" then I've lost some perspective, ya know?

    You were smart to not run Saturday morning!

  10. Yay a Santa Rosa run! Maybe next time I can meet up with you for a segment of it! You didn't get all the way out to my neck of the woods, by the look of the map. Would have been funny if you passed my house while I was laying on the couch watching tv! hahahaha.

    What an impressive run, though. You rock!

    I LOVE the immaculate collection. One of the best CDs ever. Those are really far away seats though, wow. How much were floor seats I wonder?

  11. great job getting the run in!! And it was fun to catch up on all the stuff you're doing, you are a busy bee!

    I'm gonna throw my name in the lottery too, by far my favorite marathon so far!

  12. Check my blog -- you've been tagged!

  13. I'm so proud of you for sticking through with those last seven miles - you are a rockstar!

  14. Busy weekend! Great job sticking to your plan and going out for an 18 mile run. Way to map out a run in advance too. I wouldn't have thought of that. It is fun running and exploring areas you don't normally run around.

    I know exactly how you felt on those last few miles without water. Nice job staying mentally tough and finishing the run.

  15. Nice job on your 18-miler. I can imagine how tough those last kilometres were. I fall apart if I run out of water!

    Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate and replenish calories afterwords. :)

  16. Nice job on that 18 miler!! Great pace!

    Way to go!!

  17. Congrats on the long run!! Especially after a night of wine. Sounds like you had a great wknd!

  18. Great job on the 18 miler, esp. with that killer thirst! It is so cool that you just found the run and decided to tack 2 miles onto your long one. Actually, I really need you to pace me during my 10 mile races, since it looks like that's NOTHING for you! Too bad you live so far away...

  19. Phew that was a long post. LOL. :)
    Actually it sounds like a great weekend, and I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Kudos on the awesome 18 miler on Sunday. Well done homegirl! And the wine and food you guys enjoyed just sounds amazing.

  20. The food sounds delicious and great job for hanging tough on that long run!

  21. wow you had a busy weekend too!! well i am glad my ditching out on the run worked out the best for both of us :) looks like an amazing 18 miler! great job on adding the 2 miles and sticking it through... those long runs are no joke!

    i was babysitting my friends baby because they were at the madonna concert :) i think they had pretty good seats though - eek!

    i am with you on the luna moons... i used to LOVE them and lately i can barely gag them down. i am going to have to hit up sports basement for an assortment of gels to try to find something new. i used to only use gu but it always made my tummy hurt... hopefully i can find something that will work better that doesn't involve chewing!

  22. Way to go on the 18 miles! And the pictures are at those seats for Madonna!

  23. Amazing run on the 18 miles! Seriously girl, way to get out there and get after it! :) Also amazing amazing pics, I love that type of area and being able to see it every now and then is so refreshing. I'm actually running a 1/2 up there soon, so it makes me even more excited.

    And, I looove wine tasting I am jealous of all that bomb food! :)

  24. Yeah 18 miles! If you were in Russian River, you were close to where my parents live. Such a great area to run, I love the air up there. So awesome you saw Madonna! I with you though, it is all about the Immaculate Collection.I am all about Enervitene sports gels. I like lemon and cola flavor...I know, it sounds gross, but they go down easy:)

  25. (In response to your comment on my latest post: Lady, I *wish* I were a size 2. I'm a size 6 or so! I cannot for the life of me figure out the sizing on, which apparently has decided to ditch conventional sizes in favor of some confusing system!)

    Julianne, we are two ladies with big Korean calves, and that's hot (in an intimidating sort of way).

  26. Jealous! That run sounded/looked gorgeous.

    Wineries? YUM.

    "Biscotti with Chocolate Fondue fountain"? DROOL.

    What an awesome weekend :)

  27. Dang - so many exciting things missy!
    I can't wait to go wine tasting again - going with a few girls for my bday in December!

  28. OMGosh you were BUSY BUSY this past weekend. Dang girl! Killer job on the 18 miler!

    Ooooo Madonna! You're so lucky! But dang you're right that IS expensive for nosebleed tickets. I can ONLY imagine how much they wanted for ones closer to the action. YIKES!

  29. Wow, sounds like a great weekend full of good food, friends, and running!

  30. Wow, wtg! I love having runner friends, it is the BEST accountability. Next time you're in OR please text =).

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, very busy!

    18 miles is awesome!

  31. Great job on the run & pics! You need to take some roadkill shots for us!
    I give you credit for all you ate and drank on Sat, to be able to get up and run 18 on Sunday is awesome.
    FYI,, I go with the Cliff bars & I like the GU gels. On my last run, 22.62 miles, I took a GU at the 8,16 & 20 mile marks.

  32. That wine tour sounds fantastic! Great job getting that run in while out of town...I'm not sure I would!