Thursday, November 13, 2008

TIaRT: The "Green" Runner in Me

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I try to recycle as much as possible, eat locally grown/sustainable/organic stuff, and conserve energy when I can. Duane and I even went to two hotels in Costa Rica that practice "responsible tourism" in areas that are "carbon off-setting". (Both which I highly recommend!!) I do have to admit that I'm not doing anything ground breaking. I'm still trying to figure out how to leave a neutral carbon footprint. And for the most part, I feel like I'm not doing a very good job. Especially when I run. I do few things that I know are "green":

- I always run with my own water bottle during a race. Not only do I not want to create extra trash by using the disposable cups but I like the comfort of knowing I have water at anytime.
- I reuse my bottles! Until they look like they've been kicked around by a soccer team.
- Whenever I fuel up, I make sure I put the empty Gu packet (or whatever empty package) in my pocket if I don't see a trash bin right away. (That's true for both races and during training runs.) I just have to remember to throw them out before I do the laundry!!
- I try to run near where I live as much as possible. I do hate those days when I have to drive 15+ miles to do a long run. :-(

They may not make a huge difference but I feel good knowing that I am doing *something*. I will also make a commitment to recycle my shoes and buy items that use more recycled parts. Even running shoes and clothes. Both Running Times and Runners World had issues dedicated to green running and they have lots of great ideas. I even flipped through them again last night to get some inspiration for this post. What I did find was that they use a lot of chemicals and other things that are bad for the environment manufacturing tech-shirts. Which is bad news!! What would I do without fast-drying or moisture wicking shirts? :-(

I'm also excited that this is a topic that I suggested to Tom and Amy at the Runner's Lounge. They sure do making blogging easy on Thursdays!

Last night's track workout was TOUGH. But I felt soooooo good when it was over. I swear, I think I almost hyperventillated at one point. I love pushing myself hard, though. Even if it's hurts so bad. Here's my workout:

2x 400s - Finished right around 1:37 on both times. Almost 5 whole seconds faster than last week!
4x 800s - Omg, I almost died on these. I averaged about 3:45 on most of these. I kept thinking, this speed workout better pay off!
2x 400s - Averaged around 1:50. By then, I was P-O-O-P-E-D!

Today, I decided to do a midweek long run. I have been totally inspired by D10 and Aron who run some crazy mileages during the week. So, I went out and did a 11 miler! I left work early today since I started at 6am! (Why do my East Coast counterparts set up meets at 9am EST??? Half the call was conducted while driving to work, hehe.) I started around 4:30pm but by the time I finished it was SO dark. I really need to go get a vest and/or a headlamp! So, 11 miles done tonight with about 8:51 min/mile pace! It took me all of 1 hr and 39 min. I feel pretty good about this. Maybe those track workouts *are* working!

I am off to Orange Country tomorrow and Disneyland for sure on Saturday with Duane's nephews! Yay!! I also decided not to do my 20 miler on Saturday or Sunday... Just too much to do this weekend. So, I'll do it on Monday morning before work. (Planning on going in late!) I WILL DO IT!!

Oh and on one final note, "Nike announced a voluntary quality return of the Nike+ SportBand following reports of faulty displays. This is not a recall, exactly, but an invitation for all consumers and retailers to return any defective SportBands for a refund or exchange." For more info, click here. It's about damn time!! I have had 3 faulty Nike+ SportBand and really, this is the least they can do.


  1. Way to go getting in your 11 miles and speed work :)

    And thanks for suggesting the "Green Running" topic on Tiart! I didn't write a post for it because I had never thought about it before and had no idea what to say LOL. It was fun to read what other people are doing and to think more about the impact of everyday activities I take for granted.

  2. You are way more green than I am...but I do pocket my empty Gu packets. I can't stand it when I see them on the street during they're so cumbersome and heavy, they can't just be carried to the next trash bin...geez...

    Good decision on the 20 mile run this weekend. You'll do better on Monday. I saw your weekend schedule...busy, busy, busy.

  3. 20 miles... I feel faint just thinking about doing that. :)

    Hey, email me a copy of your pictures of Dean and I'll make you something.

    And yes, I'm game for you to get back in your wedding duds to take photos. Whatever you'd like, silly. ;)

  4. Sounds like good workouts. Take a look at TheFastMarathoner.pdf

    He says that the time for 800 repeats translates into a close prediction of marathon time (3:45)! I was thinking about entering CIM. but I'm afraid I'm not ready for that yet. Sounds like you are!

    Have fun this weekend!

  5. Thanks for the great suggestion for this week's topic.

    Good luck on your 20 miler!! You'll be so happy after you do it! Work might not be too much fun, but you'll feel great!

  6. I really think if everyone did just the small things to help the environment we would be better off. It really isn't that hard to do!

    Awesome job on the track! And, awesome job getting in a midweek long run! They do take some motivation and time to complete, but I feel so accomplished once I fisish.

    Smart move switching your 20 miler to Monday. You'll probably have a better run without all the stress.

  7. Woahh! Nice job on the run.

    There is going to be a half marathon here in canada that is 'carbon neutral' and they'll be using bamboo for thier shirts and corn cups the biodegrate!


  8. Dang, girl! That's dedication for you. Good job on the track work.

  9. I'm with you on the first and last one. It annoys me to no end when there are GU packets thrown about. Seriously how hard is it to put it in your pocket? A little sticky? Yes but you're already dirty anyway LOL

    HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!! ;D ;D Nice job on that track work! Whoot!

  10. Great job on the track workout! I have done a similar workout to that one but not as many 800s! You are amazing!

    Great job on the 11 miler too and have fun at Disneyland!

  11. I like your GU-in-pocket thing. I'll have to remember that one.

    I'm glad you're so amused by my dad's blog comments. It's funny because he calls me to tell me that he read my blog, so I already know that he likes to keep up with me through it...I also like that he signs everything "Love, Dad". Haha!

  12. Great job on the speedwork! I am going to try to tell myself "I love pushing myself hard even though it hurts" like you said, even though I DON'T, and hopefully if I say it often enough it will come true! And way to go on getting in an 11-miler after work.

    I loved your TIART idea...nice work! Being more green is always a work in progress...Have a fantastic weekend!

  13. Such a great topic. Loads of excellent suggestions too.

    Nice work on the speed workout, and good luck on the 20!

  14. great post julianne and GREAT job on your runs!!! those are some intense intervals... they will definitely pay off!

    GAH 20 miles on a monday morning - crazy!!!

    have a GREAT weekend!

  15. Nice job on that speedwork, that's a tough set of intervals!

  16. Cute new header! :) I am sad we can't meet up this weekend, but have fun down in these parts! We'll meet up soon for sure! :)

    You are doing your part for being such a green runner! Way to keep the enviroment healthy.

  17. Great post. Keep rocking the runs too. Wow! Have fun at Disney.

  18. Nice job on your mid-week 11-miler! Speedy too. Kudos on the track workout as well.

    Great topic for this week. :)

    Have this on the weekend!

  19. good job! speedwork and 11 miles midweek is awesome! you are making me feel like a shlub ;-) that's good though, i need some inspiration!!

  20. I don't know how you guys do these long runs mid week! That's incredible!! And a 20 miler to start off the week. WHOA!! You are doing awesome with all of the green-ness - I am horrible and could learn alot from what you do!! I hope you have a fun weekend, sounds like it!!!

  21. I'm with you, I do my best to stay green while running, but when it comes to a race it's just harder. I hate to throw my gu packets or an empty cup on the ground but I don't want to take the time to find alternative means when I've got a race to run... isn't that what the volunteers are for?

    That was a great track workout, think I might do one just like it this upcoming week. Enjoy Disney, that should be a really good time

  22. AWESOME job on the 11 miler! That is super.

  23. Awesome job getting in that 11 miler. I have such a hard time running mid-week.

    I think I might steal your track workout for my Tuesday speedwork night. Though I'll probably need some serious recovery minutes between sets.

    Have fun at Disneyland!

  24. What was the issue with the Nike Sportsband??

    Hey, every effort to make your running more ecological is ground breaking!!. At least you are making an effort, not everyone does!!

  25. Way to go with your training! Sounds like it was a great week

  26. 11 miles! Holy cow thats awesome! Great job!!

    I read the "Green Running" article in runners world. It was super interesting and i'm going to try to be more 'green' and earth friendly :) I hope you had fun in Disneyland!


  27. Great post about running green.

    I hope you have fun at Disney. Good job getting the 11 miles in after work. I am impressed.

  28. Sounds like a great week. 11 miles and speed work is pretty impressive.