Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SV Turkey Trot 10k Report

So Duane and I drove down to my parent's house in San Jose Wednesday night so that we could take full advantage of the Silicon Vally Turkey Trot 10k, which was just 15 minutes away in Downtown SJ. We got up early Thursday morning and after Duane put the turkey in the BBQ (see post below for the Thanksgiving feast recap) we got dressed for the race.

Here's our race bibs and d-tags!
Egads, I am so not cute without make up! Now you see who I need my full-on mask?
The race was really fun! I heard about 8000 people came out for the turkey trot! Holy cow. And it showed, it was crowded! (I thought this was supposed to be a local race with a small turn out?? I was soooo wrong!) And there were so many categories of races ranging from the Family Fun Run 5k/10k to the CEO Races to Elite 5k. This was our first 10k and was excited to be part of the race. Duane and I did not want to get out of bed but I kept reminding myself of the all the extra servings of food I was going to consume that day. That made it a whole lot easier to get up and go.

Thank goodness it was only a 10k! It was definitely easier than 26.2 miles. :-) We did have a few mishaps, like someone kicking my Nike+ Sensor off my shoes (less than a quarter mile after the start), which is secured by a bozzee. I had to run back a few yards to retrieve it and re-secure it between my laces. Funny enough, Duane also lost his Nike+ Sensor which he keeps in his shoe/key pouch (on top of his shoe)! He lost his once we both started sprinting toward the finish line. It's happened once before where the Velcro strap gets loose! Even with these minor mishaps, we were able to finish in good time! The race was relatively flat with a few rolling hills and a few places where the road narrowed so much it didn't accommodate the large number of racers very well. The 5k and the 10k intertwined a few times and every time the two races intersected again it became a zoo. Especially with all the strollers and walkers. There was a few times where I thought I needed to adjust my pace to slow down but maintained a good pace for most of the race. I finished feeling I could have run it a bit harder!

Which also means I could have run it faster but still happy with the chip time. Duane and I were shooting for sub 1 hour finish and we were well within our goal! Now if I can only keep this pace up during the marathon on Sunday...

Chip Time: 54:26
Pace: 8:46/M

Chip Time: 54:42
Pace: 8:49/M
(He was a little bit behind me when we crossed because he went to retrieve his pouch!)

Woohooo for our 10k PR! Well, it's our first 10k so it's definitely a PR for us. :-)

The best race shirt ever! Super soft organic cotton! My favorite race cotten t-shirt so far.
Duane and me modeling our shirts. Which we ended up sporting the whole day. My family totally made fun of us! (Not that I cared!)
Wish I had race photos to share with you but I didn't bring my camera with me to the Turkey Trot! :-(

Oh and *gulp*! Less than 5 days to go until the CIM! I have quite a few things going on this week. I'm in Portland for a few days for work and get back Thursday night, my baby sister and her fiance comes in for the weekend from Riverside on Friday for a visit, Saturday is the Lollipop Fun Run 5k (for Girls on the Run) in San Francisco and Sunday is the CIM!! Then, I have to rush down to the Bay Area again for Duane's cousin's baby shower. *deep breath* I'm doing my final taper runs on the treadmill at the hotel, too. Ugh. Anyway, more thoughts on the race to come...

Ps. I'm really behind on catching up on my blog reading... I have a PMP Exam next Friday and have been busy studying. (And very likely to be even more missing in action next week!) That's Project Management Professional Certification Exam, not the PIMP Exam. ;-)


  1. you are a busy gal!

    I am so excited to cheer you on on Sunday!!!

  2. I like your blog. I hope you don't mind if I follow it.:)

  3. You & Duane are so stinkin' cute!!

    PS - that turkey looked damn good :)

  4. I think you look great without makeup- and no worrying about smearing when you sweat!

    Good luck at CIM. (I chickened out on CIM -not ready to face how slow I am yet, we're doing a trail 50K instead so I will have a good excuse for being so slow!).

    Don't fret during the rest of your taper. take a look at Alan Couzen's blog He's got a neat graph showing performance zooming up during the taper. That will be you come Sunday!

    Have fun!

  5. I thought you were running CIM, but it wasn't on your counter so I wasn't sure. You are now added to the list.

    You and Duane did great and look so darn cute in the race shirts!

  6. Great job on your 10K. I have never run a 10K race either, I'll have to run one sometime. Good luck this weekend!

  7. You guys are so CUTE!!! What are you talking about? You look great without makeup!

    Fantastic job my dear!

  8. Aww, you guys are way cute!

    You'll do great this weekend, I just know it. :o)

  9. Whatever - you look totally cute!

    Congrats on your first 10K (and PR)! Excellent time, especially with all the chaos and mishaps.

    Those are great looking shirts, too.

    Awesome job!

  10. P.S. Holy crap, you have a lot going on the next few days. You can do it!

  11. Sounds like you had a great time. And a PR to make it even better. :)

  12. Great job on the Turkey Trot! You're so speedy!

    Good luck on the CIM this weekend. I know you're going to do a great job.

    And lady, you do NOT look bad without make-up, so stop saying such nonsenses.

  13. You and your hubby are so cute!! I love your turkey trot shirts too! I enjoy running 10ks because i think they are the perfect distance! Not too short, but not too long either! Great job and good luck with all of your plans this weekend!

  14. Congrats on a great 10k race! Those shirts are really cool! Good luck at CIM and have a good week!

  15. OK, there is a definite consensus: you and your husband are SUCH a cute couple. Personally, I also think you look great without makeup (athletic! sporty! nature girl!). At least you have a nice complexion (says the girl with a big red pimple on her forehead). Great job in the race and good luck during this busy week-- maybe it will be good? Less time to think about CIM? Before you know it you will just be running it! (Hey, you're an old pro at marathons by now, right?)

  16. nice job on the 10K....I'm hoping to run my first 10K next year...keep running

  17. wooooo we are getting close!!

    awesome job on the 10k! you guys are so cute :)

  18. that's a busy week, girl! but you can do it, we ladies excel at multi-tasking.
    applied materials/silicon valley turkey trot? now that's my kind of sponsor. i love the geekness! it sure beats "sponsored by piggly wiggly"
    btw i think you look good sans makeup!

  19. Hey, so glad I got to be the first to point out that you guys are totally the CUTEST in your bibs and you are one HOTTIE in that race shirt. It pains me to admit that you look almost as good as me when I wear my running beanie. :)

    Yay for firsts and PR's. Great job cutey pie.

  20. You are WAY too cute! I actually really like those cool shirts, they are diffrent and cool looking. :)

    Seriously you are duane are so cute, ha ha.

    You will rock at CIM! :)

  21. Congrats on the PR! You have so much going on -- wow. But, lots of good stuff so good luck with the final taper, the race and the (not pimp) exam!

  22. Great job! I feel behind on reading everyone's blog, too and I've only been away from the computer for 12 hours!

  23. Great job on the turkey trot. Give me a call (I think i posted my number or emailed you with it) I think we'll be at the expo around 3pm and would love to see you!

  24. Wow you are busy!

    Congrats on the PR, awesome job. I've never run a 10k either. I'm thinking I might have to find one in the spring sometime.

    Very cool race shirts!

    Have fun in Portland, it's actually a nice day today surprisingly!

  25. You guys are too cute.

    Man oh man is life picking up speed this month. I'll be back to type to you more later -

  26. Yay, good luck on Sun!!!!

    This race looks like fun with the bib and tshirt. Great job and pace!!!

  27. Those t-shirts are cool!

    Can't believe both you and Duane lost your Nike+ sensors. I have mine velcro'd under the laces and so far so good! Knock on wood!

  28. I have had my head so far up my butt I haven't changed my Google reader settings so I haven't been here. So sorry about that. I can't believe you did SV Turkey Trot too. Not that we could have really met up there it was crazy crowded!

    Great job! Love the t-shirt pictures! I look like a troll in a big white dress in mine!