Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 Reasons to Run!

I read this morning a really simple yet awesome article on Women's Health Magazine titled "6 Reasons to Run". And I couldn't agree more on why we SHOULD run! I know I'm preaching to the choir here but thought it was a good reiteration as to why those of who do run manically should continue to do so. And if you just happened to stumble onto my blog and thinking about starting, here are some reasons why you should. Below is a brief synopsis of the article. For the full version, click here.

1. It's so easy - Right? You just go out there and run! You don't have to even run far at first. Maybe run around your block at first, around the school track, on a treadmill for a mile, and build up your distance slowly!

2. Yet so hard - According to the article, running burns more calories than any other cardio vascular activity. The harder you run, better workout you get! But we all know, it's NOT easy!!

3. Your knees will thank you - I always thought running tore up your joints and knees but apparently that's an old wives' tale. So go run!! It's better for your knees!

4. You'll stress less - Duh. No brainer, right??? Who doesn't feel better after they go for a good run?

5. It can prevent disease - You run, burn calories, lose weight, better better better for your body! Something else I didn't know, besides running prevents heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, high blood pressure, and boost immunity to colds and other viruses, treadmill running also improves your vision! Go figure!

6. You'll probably live longer - There are slew of benefits to running. Living longer for all off the reasons above and then some. How awesome is that???

Again, more details and why you should run here. It just made me all around happy reading it. Today is my rest day but made me want to go out there to run!

Thoughts?? Do you agree, disagree, or are there other reasons that the article missed??


  1. thats great julianne! your 6 reasons to run make me want to go run 6 miles! :)

  2. ACK! With my impending foot surgery, I need a "6 reasons it's okay that you're not running right now, you probably won't get fat & die" post, instead! :)

    Although, those are six really good reasons to try to get in as many runs as possible before surgery. Thanks for posting!

  3. Those are great reasons to run! Usually, I just stay motivated by personal vanity because running is such a good calorie burner. I'll try to remember the slew of health benefits next time...

  4. I totally agree with all of it. The other thing is - you just can't cheat. Miles are miles. 5 miles are 5 miles..

    And yes the calories is a BIG motivator.

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  6. oh yeah I totally agree about the "It's So Easy" part. I stopped running two years back, then picked up cycling, and I couldn't help constantly comparing it to running. With cycling, there are a million and one things that could go wrong. A flat tyre, a broken spoke, a wonky handlebar, birds flying into your face, cars banging you, etcetc. And then there's the unearthly hours - one can only cycle at 5am in the mornings when there are few cars or very late at night.

    Running on the other hand, is so primal and primitive... Just put on your shoes - or better still, go barefoot - and head out for a run. Just you and the trail ahead, nothing else exists for that blissful hour or so that you're running. :)

  7. YES!! All are great reasons - just what I need to get my butt out the door this am.

  8. This is a good reason to run. Thanks for sharing this good thoughts for running.


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